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JNP Group Consulting Engineers

Oxford House
71 Oxford Street
G59 EP

Tel: 01413 780 808

Email: glasgow@jnpgroup.co.uk

Registered Office:

Levy & McRae Solicitor LLP
Pacific House
70 Wellington Street
G2 6UA

Registered No: 642962

Pre Purchase

Preliminary Advice & Assessment
of Site Investigations
David Irvine
Contamination Robert Edgar
Foundations David Irvine
Drainage & Services Robert Edgar
Flooding David Irvine
Transport Robert Edgar
Structure David Irvine
Structural Surveys Robert Edgar
Insurance Related Work David Irvine


Transport assessments David Irvine
Flood Risk Assessments Robert Edgar
Access & Highways David Irvine
Drainage / SUDS Robert Edgar
Environmental Impact
Assessments / Audits
David Irvine
Geotechnical Investigations Robert Edgar


Infrastructure David Irvine
Foundations Robert Edgar
Structures David Irvine
Earthworks Robert Edgar
Principal designer under CDM 2015 David Irvine
Party Wall Surveyor Robert Edgar
Bridges David Irvine
Sports Grounds Robert Edgar


Site Inspections of Critical
Structural Stages
David Irvine
Independent Assessment of
Structural Defects
Robert Edgar
Domestic Surveys David Irvine

Rail Work

Rail Work David Irvine

Small Works

Small Works Robert Edgar
Structural Surveys David Irvine
Extensions and Alterations Robert Edgar