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JNP Group Consulting Engineers

No. 1
Meadowhall Riverside
S9 1BW

Tel: 0114 244 3500
Fax: 0114 244 2442

Email: sheffield@jnpgroup.co.uk

Registered Office:

Bourbon Court
Nightingales Corner
Little Chalfont

Registered No: OC302348

Pre Purchase

Preliminary Advice & Assessment
of Site Investigations
Kevin Green/ Martin Hitchcock / Alan Steer / Daniel Sykes
Contamination Daniel Sykes
Foundations Alan Steer / Jonathan Trickett
Drainage & Services Martin Hitchcock / Colin Cook
Flooding Kevin Green / Sarah Longstaff
Transport Jonathan Trickett
Structure Alan Steer / Jonathan Trickett
Structural Surveys Alan Steer
Insurance Related Work Kevin Green


Transport assessments Daniel Sykes
Flood Risk Assessments Sarah Longstaff / Kevin Green
Access & Highways Daniel Sykes
Drainage / SUDS Jonathan Trickett
Environmental Impact
Assessments / Audits
Kevin Green / Sarah Longstaff
Geotechnical Investigations Alan Steer / Daniel Sykes


Infrastructure Martin Hitchcock
Foundations Alan Steer / Jonathan Trickett
Structures Alan Steer / Jonathan Trickett
Earthworks Alan Steer
Principal designer under CDM 2015 Kevin Green
Party Wall Surveyor David Hosking
Bridges Tim Gausden
Rail Work Alan Steer / Daniel Sykes
Sports Grounds Tim Gausden


Site Inspections of Critical
Structural Stages
Tim Gausden / Alan Steer
Independent Assessment of
Structural Defects
Alan Steer / Jonathan Trickett