Abbey Brewery

CAR-AB (16-9)

Conversion of the derelict Abbey Brewery site West Malling into new apartments.

The main 3 storey building stood centrally within the site, with a 2 storey structure to the north shared a boundary whilst stores adjoined the boundary to the south with housing. To the east and rear of the site it sloped steeply down some 8m to existing housing.

The central building was converted into four storeys by adding an additional floor providing new rooms in the roof. The building was then doubled in size by the addition of a new 4 storey extension mirroring the existing building.

A survey of the various existing buildings was carried out to confirm all steel beam sizes, column sizes, wall thicknesses. Trial pits were carried out to establish existing footing details. Brick samples were taken for laboratory testing to establish mortar and brick strengths, whilst core samples were taken from the concrete floors to check for reinforcement and for laboratory testing to establish concrete strength. Timber floors were inspected for rot and woodworm with all existing sizes noted and designed around.

The steel and cast iron columns were checked by carefully drilling small holes in the wall of the columns to verify their properties.

To avoid loading the steep unstable slopes at the rear, a piled foundation solution was adopted, transferring the imposed loads to stable strata, and avoiding the possibility of landslip.

JNP Group services provided:

  • Structural design.
  • Investigation of historic cast iron structure.
  • Structural survey report.
  • Structural detailing.
  • Drainage design.
  • Party wall agreement details.
  • Piled foundations.

Client: Saxon Homes

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