Burghfield Mill

CAR-BM (16-9)

A conversion and extension of a derelict mill into 15 new luxury apartments.

An additional fifth floor was added requiring disproportionate collapse design criteria to be accommodated and to assess the existing structure and foundations suitability for the new loads.

A survey of the existing building was carried out to confirm all steel beam sizes, column sizes, wall thicknesses, with trial pits undertaken to establish existing footing details. Brick samples were taken for laboratory testing to establish mortar and brick strengths, whilst core samples were taken from the concrete floors to check for reinforcement and for laboratory testing to establish concrete strength.

The historic steel beams and cast iron columns were carefully checked by drilling small holes to verify their properties.

Some of the existing beams required strengthening and additional columns were added in a number of places.

The water courses were retained within the mill as a feature and this had to be bridged at ground floor by the new structure.

JNP Group consulting engineers services provided:

  • Structural design.
  • Investigation of historic cast iron structure.
  • Structural detailing.
  • Bridge design and assessment.
  • Disproportionate collapse design for insertion of additional floor.
  • Civil design.
  • Flood risk analysis and modelling.

Client: Saxon Homes

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