Dove Lane, Harrold

FRA-DLH (16-9)

JNP Group undertook a Flood Risk Assessment in support of a planning application for redevelopment of a residential site to the north of the River Ouze in Harrold, Bedfordshire.

The site was shown on the Environmental Agencies (EA) flood maps to be within Flood Zone 3 for the River Ouze, however the EA expressed concern regarding a lack of detailed modelling of the watercourses local to the site. These watercourses bounded the site on two sides and featured walled channels, bridges and culverts, forming part of the North Harrold Flood Alleviation Scheme and tributaries of the River Ouze.

JNP Group undertook assessments of the catchment hydrology, structures and the Flood Alleviation Scheme, the works requiring:

  • Detailed review of record data, surveys and on-site investigations.
  • In depth discussions with EA and local authority engineers.
  • Statistical catchment modelling.
  • Hydraulic modelling of watercourses.

These works enabled JNP Group to accurately define flood levels at the site, demonstrating that the majority of the site lay outside of the floodplain and guiding development layout and levels, ensuring no flood risk to the development.

JNP Group services provided:

  • Pre planning advice.
  • Site layout/levels advice.
  • Flood risk assessment.
  • Catchment and hydraulic modelling.
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