Land at Wretchwick Green, Bicester

FRA-WG (16-9)

Wretchwick Green is a major mixed used development built on the outer edge of Bicester, Oxfordshire.

The new community will provide up to 1,500 new high quality homes and 3,000 jobs within the framework of extensive green infrastructure, including a watercourse flowing through its centre.

The site is prone to frequent shallow river flooding given its flat nature, but the extents and exact frequency of this flooding were poorly understood.  Using the latest industry standard software JNP Group confirmed this by preparing a detailed 1D/2D hydraulic model.

The model results showed a wide shallow river floodplain for frequent events such as a 1 in 2-year storm to infrequent (1 in 1000-year storm) events.  Developing outside the floodplain would result in the loss of around 600 homes, homes allocated within the local plan.  Developing within the floodplain would pose an unacceptable risk of flooding to proposed residents.  To avoid losing those 600 homes, JNP Group prepared a proposed hydraulic model demonstrating how development land could be raised out of the river floodplain with compensatory floodwater storage provided onsite.

JNP Group’s hydraulic modelling demonstrated that there is no increased risk of river flooding onsite or offsite as a result of the proposals, enabling the 600 dwellings to be built outside of the new floodplain.

JNP Group services provided:

  • Masterplanning support.
  • Public exhibition attendance.
  • Hydraulic floodplain modelling.
  • Surface and foul drainage strategy.
  • Levels and earthworks strategy.
  • Environmental impact assessment input.
  • Geo-technical and hydro-geological investigation.

Project Value: £750m (estimate)

Client: Redrow Homes (South Midlands) and Wates Developments

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