The Lanyard


GE-TL (16-19)

A commercial development built on part of the former Swainson Dock, former railway sidings and a timber yard, located within close proximity to the Jackson Dock.

The development comprised a Travelodge multi-storey hotel with associated areas of car parking.

Several phases of intrusive investigation were undertaken to identify the type and quality of the Made Ground and contained perched water across the site, which was found to be heavily contaminated with dissolved hydrocarbons and free product hydrocarbons. The former dock was found to contain a mix of clayey, ashy, clinker with brick, slag, timber and metal fragments.

JNP Group services provided:

  • Several phases of intrusive ground investigation.
  • Several phases of gas and groundwater monitoring.
  • Detailed conceptual site model developed to address the complex nature of ground.
  • Detailed quantitative risk assessment for controlled waters that demonstrated no risk to the Jackson Dock, which the Environment Agency (EA) approved.
  • Gas risk assessment.
  • Liaison and negotiation with the EA and Hartlepool Borough Council.
  • Remedial mitigation was the use of vapour protection membrane in the building.

Project Value: 20K

Client: Jomast Developments

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