Weir Road

GE-WR (16-9)

A former pharmaceutical manufacturing works that was redeveloped for residential use. The site is located adjacent to the River Cray and down gradient of a dry cleaners.

The development comprised a mix of terraced housing with private gardens and areas of car parking, three-four storey apartments over garages and areas of public open space.

Previous ground investigation work identified that the Made Ground had been impacted with metallic and hydrocarbon contamination. Following the demolition work, asbestos contaminated ground was encountered. In addition, the underlying groundwater was found to be impacted by chlorinated solvents.

JNP Group services provided:

  • Post demolition intrusive ground investigation including focusing on former soakaways which were found to be impacted with hydrocarbons.
  • Groundwater monitoring for chlorinated solvents.
  • Controlled waters risk assessment.
  • Gas monitoring and risk assessment.
  • Geotechnical design.
  • Production of post demolition investigation and validation report.
  • Design and application of bespoke environmental permit for groundwater discharge to River Cray.
  • Regulator liaison.
  • Validation of capping layer across the site.

Project Value: 37K

Client: Linden Homes

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