RAS-W (16-9)

JNP Group was appointed Infrastructure designer the Tender and Detailed design of Wadlow Wind Farm in Cambridgeshire. JNP Group undertook design of all on-site infrastructure including site tracks, crane hardstandings, assist pads and contractor and control building compounds. Additionally JNP Group undertook structural design and detailing of the on-site substation.

JNP Group is always keen to identify and solve any potential design issues at an early stage via dialogue with client/contractor, and has always had a very proactive approach to value engineering any project regardless of constraints. Early consultation with ecologists, archaeologists and any applicable third party has proved invaluable in delivering economical and cost effective designs to our clients.

With our wealth of experience, JNP Group is able to identify various risks to the project and our attention to detail at the early stages means that we are confident in providing the best solutions for our clients.

JNP Group consulting engineers services provided:

  • Site visit and visual inspection of the proposed site.
  • Geotechnical Site Investigation and reporting.
  • Profile Detailed Design of all on-site infrastructure including;
  • Horizontal geometry and setting out.
  • Vertical geometry and setting.
  • Crane pad levels and setting out.
  • Structural Design of on-site sub-station.
  • Spoil management plan, and reporting.
  • Earthworks volumes including temporary and permanent storage locations.
  • Provide a testing and inspection schedule for all on-site works.

Client: RES Group (World leading renewable energy company) / Forkers

Proposed development: Provision of up to thirteen turbines for a site in West Wratting, Cambridgshire.

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