Sandhurst Park Bridge

RLR-SP (16-9)

As part of a large residential development on a brownfield former gas works a new bridge was required, where a new section 38 road was required to span a new artificial stream, designed and detailed by JNP Group.

The stream resulted from the opening up of an existing culverted water course across the site.

Negotiations with the Environment Agency and Inland Drainage Board dictated the span and stream profile.

Approvals were also required from Kent County Council (KCC), the adopting authority. An Approval In Principle (AIP) was submitted proposing the use of a precast concrete culvert, with brick clad reinforced insitu parapets and wing walls. JNP Group considered alternative designs including sheet piled or reinforced concrete abutments with an insitu or precast concrete deck. A form C in accordance with HD22 was provided as part of the AIP submission.

The carriageway profile was amended to allow for future maintenance and departures from standards (relaxation of barrier requirements) were agreed with KCC as part of the approvals process.

Following completion and signing of the AIP, detailed design and drawings were completed. The drawing specifications, including testing regime and design certificates, were submitted to KCC. This included drawings and design certificates from the precast concrete supplier. All designs were in accordance with the Highway Agency BD documents and BS5400, as listed in the Technical Approved Schedule (TAS) section of the AIP.

Whilst technically a category 1 structure in accordance with BD02/05, KCC required the structure to be classed as a category 3 structure and undertook the design check.

JNP Group services provided:

  • Design and supervision in accordance with highway technical approval process.
  • Adopted Highway Reinforced concrete Bridge and retaining structure.
  • Regular site inspections during the construction period.

Project Value: £15m

Client: Barratt Kent

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