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Team Conversations

With over 19 years’ engineering experience, Kofi joined JNP Group in 2017 and heads the Structures Department in our Hartlepool office.

With extensive experience in the investigation, assessment, and the refurbishment/alteration of existing structures, Kofi has also been involved in several new build residential, industrial and commercial schemes of various sizes in both the public and private sector. Ideally suited working as part of an integrated design team and also leading internal multi-disciplinary teams from concept to completion stages.

When did you first became aware of the possibility of a career in engineering?

My father is a Civil Engineer, so I became aware of Engineering quite early in life. Interestingly, he advised me to take up a career in medicine and become a doctor!

What inspires you about Engineering?

The thing that inspires me about engineering is turning empty spaces and simple ideas into great structures that serve generations. The ability to see a picture in my head turned into a real-life structure inspires me greatly. It gives me a sense of fulfilment and really good vibes.

What advice do you have for someone interested in engineering?

My advice to any aspiring Engineer will be to make the world their marketplace, be open minded and have a mind to learn. The opportunities for an Engineer are so wide and without limits. Engineering principles transcends national boundaries.

I left university fully convinced I was going to become a waste management specialist. After a stint with the civils team in my first job, a year on site as a resident engineer, and following attempts at designing beams, I am now a structural engineer having worked in different countries and on many different types of projects. I guess what I mean is… if your first experience doesn’t cut, there’s many other caps within Civil Engineering and you’ll definitely find a cap that fits you.

What is the most challenging thing about your job?

The most challenging thing about my job is using very simple language to explain complex engineering problems. I find that most of the clients we work with have a hands-on approach in their projects.

What has been your favourite project?

The Mailbox in Stockport comes to mind immediately. Although I’ll probably mention another project if I’m asked this question next week because of the many challenging projects I’ve been involved with whilst working for JNP Group.

This project involved converting a former Royal Mail Sorting Office building into a mixed use residential and commercial development. It was particularly challenging due to the addition of 4 new floors to the existing structure, 2 floors within the existing building and 2 extra floors atop the existing roof. The new roof comprised a rooftop garden and an atrium which spanned nearly the full length of the building.

What makes this my favourite is the challenge involved in fitting a very ambitious scheme within a rather mundane and abandoned reinforced concrete relic, whist managing the expectations of the Client. The choice of materials had to be well thought through to fit the sustainability targets of the client, the interaction between the old and new structures, as well as the sheer design challenges all came together to make it one of my most memorable projects.