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Our Bristol team had a wonderful time volunteering at Windmill Hill City Farm! This vibrant community farm relies on volunteers to help maintain its operations and enhance its environment, making it a popular choice for those looking to contribute to their local community.

Our day started with some gardening, where we assisted in hedge trimming, weeding, and maintaining the garden beds. It was satisfying to see the immediate impact of our efforts, as we worked together to keep the gardens looking their best.

In addition to gardening, we also participated in painting, adding a fresh coat of paint to various areas around the farm. These activities are crucial in maintaining the welcoming atmosphere of the farm and ensuring that it remains an inviting space for visitors of all ages.

We wrapped up the day with a tour around the farm, where we had the opportunity to meet the animals and learn more about the farm’s mission and operations. It was a great way to end our volunteering experience, leaving us with a deeper appreciation for the farm and the community it serves.

Volunteering at Windmill Hill City Farm was a rewarding experience, filled with teamwork and the joy of giving back. We’re looking forward to the next opportunity to lend a hand and support this wonderful community space.


Windmill Hill City Farm is a community-focused urban farm located in the heart of Bristol. Established in 1976, it provides a range of services and activities for the local community. The farm aims to improve the quality of life for residents by offering opportunities for education, recreation, and community engagement.