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Manchester Victoria Station

JNP Group acted as Structural Engineer for a scheme of repairs and improvements to the roof of Manchester Victoria Station.

The roof was defective in several locations due to a combination of age, corrosion of steelwork and to the aggressive environment created by the smoke and other contaminants from the earlier use with steam engines. The 1996 IRA bombing had also left its mark.

The design work undertaken by JNP Group related to the replacement or strengthening of steelwork trusses, the modification of a large steel lattice girder over the entrance to the adjacent MEN Arena, to which access can be gained from the station concourse, the replacement of existing patent glazing with a new glazing system, removal of damaged asbestos cladding of the front screens of the roof and the removal of decayed timber overhead access walkways and their replacement with new steel.


Project Value: £1m

Client: C Spencer/Network Rail

Design Services Provided

  • Assessment of existing structures
  • Structural steelwork
  • Alteration of existing structure
  • Maintenance and repair of fabric