A selection of comments received by JNP Group Consulting Engineers.

.....'I have already come to rely on the quality of your work.'

Michael Shanly Homes ( Michael Shanly Homes )

'Your assistance has proved most valuable...thank you for your support ...should matters arise that need clarification we will not hesitate to contact you.'

Crest Nicholson ( Crest Nicholson )

...'cannot remember the last time we had such a thorough set of drawings and details from a structural engineer.'

Global 3D ( Global 3D )

'...many thanks for your great help in drawing up the plans...and for controlling the step by step development.'

J. Taylor, Maidenhead ( J. Taylor, Maidenhead )

'Thank you very much...have never received a swifter level of service.'

George Wimpey S.W. Thames ( George Wimpey S.W. Thames )

'grateful for your help...and in particular for keeping the builder on the straight and narrow.'

John Graham & Co. ( John Graham & Co. )

...'hope that Michael Shanly Homes retain your services...given the excellent professionalism you have shown in thoroughly investigating the site.'

Barratt North London ( Barratt North London )

'Your perseverance and expert knowledge has been key to achieving this result and you will be highly recommended to all.'

Sid Dhillon ( SD-Properties )

'Many thanks for the fast work...and for your prompt attention at such short notice.'

D. Westby ( MRICS )

'We thank you for your expertise, hard work and frequent attention to our needs and requirements.'

D&J ( Norwich )