Former Acton Bus Depot


The long disused Acton bus depot made way for a new mixed-use development of 89 flats and 1,000 square metres of retail areas.  JNP Group acted as the transport consultants and provided their services during the planning, appeal, and detailed design stages.

The site is situated in a challenging location on the corner of two of the most heavily trafficked streets in Acton, in a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) and partly within Acton Town Centre Conservation Area. Nearby junctions work at capacity and there are frequent bus services operating on adjacent roads. Transport was thus one of the biggest issues the developer was facing.

The developer wanted to provide parking for a limited number of vehicles on the ground floor of the building to increase the value of apartments, but Ealing Highways initially insisted on a car-free development and recommended the refusal of the planning application on grounds of high traffic generation. A Transport Assessment (TA) prepared by JNP Group and comprising extensive capacity assessment for 5 no. nearby junctions however proved that the traffic impact of the development would be minimal. This was confirmed in an independent appraisal of the TA undertaken by TFL. In addition, JNP Group supplied an Interim Travel Plan aiming to further reduce the dependence on private vehicles. This, together with a robust Proof of Evidence prepared by JNP Group, paved the way for the Appeal Inspector’s decision to overrule the Council and grant planning permission.

JNP Group services provided:

  • Transport assessment.
  • Interim travel plan.
  • Proof of evidence for planning appeal.
  • Expert witness at planning appeal.
  • Preliminary design of off-site highway works.
  • Design of internal car park and delivery bay arrangement.
  • Detailed Design of S278 Works.
  • Road safety audit.

Project Value: £17m

Client: Crest Nicholson

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