Social Value Policy

1. JNP Group Structure

JNP Group are strong advocates of encouraging diversity. A diverse workforce reflects the communities that we work within and brings a range of skills, experiences and viewpoints, strengthening our business and providing a better service to our clients.

We use our apprenticeship and traineeship policy to ensure roles are designed such that the broadest possible range of residents can apply and are advertised in ways to ensure they are aware of the opportunities. Our HR and Recruitment Processes capture a broad spectrum of information from those who apply for roles including where they live and how far they progress in the process. This information feeds into our HR division that oversees the development and delivery of our HR Employee Handbook and all related policies, systems and procedures. On joining the company staff are able to access a structured learning and development programme to increase their knowledge and skills and front-line experience in the workplace.

These areas are covered by a range of separate interlinked polices including Environment, Sustainability, Procurement and a suite of HR policies and standards included within our ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management System.

2. JNP Environmental Sustainability

JNP Group is aware of the adverse effects that our operational activities can have on the local, regional and global environment. It is our aim to reduce the environmental impacts of our business and to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. Environmental management is integral to our vision and performance as a company and we are committed to the continual and effective  improvement of our environmental performance. In line with this policy, JNP Group are presently working towards their ISO14001 accreditation.

We have identified the key operational aspects where we have a negative impact on the environment, namely: transport, heating and cooling, IT and paper; and we have a policy and systems in place to manage and reduce these impacts.

JNP Group have implemented a Cloud-based IT solution and have invested heavily in digital communications to reduce the travelling between offices. Employees have the ability to work remotely and we have significantly reduced our carbon footprint through reducing the need to travel to other offices for meetings and it is positively encouraged to conduct inter-office meetings through Microsoft Teams.

As consulting engineers, environmental sustainability is at the heart of our daily decision making; in our strategic and pre-planning work, we contribute to the creation of new development that sustainably manages transport, flood risk, drainage and materials, and addressing existing and  potentially contaminated land and activities. In this process, we engage with other specialists including urban planners, ecologists and landscape architects.

In our design for construction work, we contribute to environmental sustainability by utilising efficient design and promoting the sustainable and efficient use of construction materials and techniques.

3. Community/Society Support

JNP Group can make a positive difference by ensuring we continually review how we can make improvements to the Social Value we create in the communities we support.

This includes:

  • Supporting people to enter or return to the labour market after periods of exclusion
  • Supporting people to realise their potential in higher paid roles by increasing their skills
  • Ensuring we consider social values design of schemes in relation to Civil and Structural design, ensuring schemes create pleasant and inclusive places in which travel, work and live, are designed to foster community and to be safely accessible to the broadest range of users possible, and linked to encourage social interaction with their surroundings
  • Encouraging youngster to take up consultancy engineering as a career through attending local school, college and university career fairs
  • Buying locally wherever possible
  • Develop and retain our staff in fulfilling roles
  • Offering advice and support through CPD workshops

In order for JNP Group to realise these commitments, our HR department actively record and own our policies and report on this matter directly to the Board. This feeds into our planning processes and ultimately the Business Plan. This review process acts as a central point bringing together relevant work streams from HR, marketing and communications, employee consultation, organisational development, technical & production and the senior leadership team.

To realise our Social Value goals, we recognise the need for and are committed to communicating these objectives to our suppliers, potential and existing employees, customers and wider stakeholders. This is achieved via our  procurement and recruitment processes and our existing communication channels including the Business Plan, intranet, team briefings, staff induction processes and stakeholder engagement.

The policy will be monitored and reviewed annually during the JNP Group Management Review Meeting.


Andrew Lee
Managing Director

Date: January 2021