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JNP Group consulting engineers provided full structural engineering design and detail of all foundations and superstructure based on in-situ reinforced concrete ground beams on Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piles, with reinforced load bearing masonry superstructure. Disproportionate collapse is accommodated by additional reinforcement in each floor by using in-situ reinforced concrete topping and hollow rib profile metal decking, avoiding the need for tie columns and beams to satisfy the code requirements.

JNP Group’s commission, extended to design and detail of the cantilevered and propped steel balconies, integrated with the timber frame and tower crane foundation design.

JNP Group also acted as Party Wall surveyor, in accordance with the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 and negotiated and prepared tower crane and scaffold oversail licences.

The existing ground level (level zero) was designated as an undercroft car park area to raise habitable areas above the defined flood plain, the site being immediately adjacent to the river Medway.

The development comprised 9 integrated blocks with 2 linked blocks facing Hart Street having a central ‘2 storey’ vehicle access into a central landscaped area with vehicle access to the undercroft car parking beneath all blocks.

Surface water discharge was by gravity, with attenuation to allow for ‘tidal lock’ directly into the river Medway by agreement with the Environment Agency.

The 1st floor structure comprised a flat reinforced concrete slab supported on columns, concrete shear walls and stairwells/lift shafts between ground and 1st floor. This was designed for an accidental damage loading of 34Kn/m2 where the total number of storeys exceeded 4.

Above 1st floor, the superstructure comprised a timber frame construction in part 4 and 5 storey designed in accordance with the requirements for disproportionate collapse. The timber frame structure was designed and detailed by Prestoplan, a specialist timber frame manufacturer commissioned and instructed by Wilson Connolly direct.

JNP Group consulting engineers have subsequently been involved with inspection, reporting and remedial repairs, primarily associated with water ingress and timber shrinkage.

Project Value: £20m

Client: Taylor Wimpey

Hart Street

Design Services Provided

  • Structural design including progressive collapse.
  • Foundation design.
  • Drainage design and attenuation.
  • Road design.