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Team Conversations

Alan Brackley & John Newton founded JNP group in 1980. With the past and present staff, we are now proud to have seven offices providing multidisciplinary services across the UK.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Alan to discuss his thoughts and experiences in engineering.

Alan when did you first became aware of the possibility of a career in engineering?

“I was fortunate to attend a career open day talk at school by Vic Tolner (Founder of P.T.A.) this inspired me to pursue A level Engineering. I realised I was a natural problem solver. So much so, in 1971, I reached the final of young scientist of the year with my Linear Induction Motor Monorail.”

Why did you choose Civil and Structural Engineering as a career path?

“This degree would lead directly into a career at the end and felt more vocational than doing a straight maths degree. I also like to be challenged and having to consistently ‘think outside the box.”

Alan what inspires you about Engineering?

“It’s a creative career with so much variety, every day is different. Where else can you be working inside an office and out on site, all in the same day?”

Any words of wisdom you would like to share with aspiring engineers that are considering joining the industry?

Alan said “Engineering requires people with a wide variety of interests, skills, & perspectives, there’s room for everyone and for anyone who is thinking about joining an engineering environment, I’d say go for it! Engineering gives you so many different opportunities, and there’s a lot more to it than muddy boots and concrete.”

What has been your favourite project?

“It was sometime ago. A project for Blue Circle Properties. They inherited a very large site in Nuneaton. It was an Aluminium and Magnesium smelting works, foundry, and production facility, called Sterling Metals.”

“We were given complete freedom and employed across all disciplines, the only brief being “think outside the box and be cost effective.“

3D modelling on PCs was just in its infancy and we made extensive use of this to plan and control the huge number of earthworks needed to form a build platform and restore the original ground profile. We recorded the locations of all the very heavy reinforced concrete foundations and left these in situ saving enormous amounts in demolition costs.”

“We took the site from concept, through planning, detailed design and finally site project management. It now provides over 700 homes.”

Alan how do you feel on reaching this milestone?

“I haven’t really thought about it. I did what I was expected to do at each stage of my career.”

Alan continues to represent JNP Group and specialises in overarching engineering, master planning of new developments and advising many of our valued clients on all engineering aspects of development risk.

Our congratulations to Alan for this incredible achievement and a huge thank you for the many years of service.