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Team Conversations

With over 12 years of engineering experience, Chris heads our new Structures team in our Bristol office.

When did you first become aware of the possibility of a career in engineering?

When I was a child my grandfather kindly took our family on a trip to New York. I was 8 years old at the time and everything appeared enormous to me. Being surrounded by some of the grandest and recognisable buildings in the work left an impressionable mark on me, sparking my earliest interest in engineering.

What inspires you about Engineering?

As engineers, we play a significant part in influencing and shaping the environment that surrounds us, allowing people to navigate their daily lives. Its great to witness our designs materialise and observe the positive impact they have on those around us.

What first attracted you to JNP Group?

The diverse selection of projects and extensive national reach initially interested me, and I was attracted by the opportunity to establish a Structures team in Bristol. I was impressed with my initial meetings with some of the Directors and learning about the business philosophy of a commitment to supporting and sharing knowledge with all staff nationwide.

What advice do you have for someone interested in engineering?

A career in engineering is ideal for someone intrigued by pulling together the principles of Mathematics, Sciences, and Geography, and then applying them to real-life challenges. As an engineer, you have the choice to engage in grand landmark projects, where you can proudly declare, “I contributed to that!” when passing by with friends or family. Alternatively, you can undertake smaller-scale projects, where each day brings unique and varied tasks. From my observations, most engineers initially seek a blend of both experiences, eventually tailoring their careers to align with their personal interests.

What is your favourite structure and why?

The Clifton Suspension Bridge stands as an iconic landmark in Bristol offering spectacular vistas of both the city centre and the Avon Gorge. I visited it on my first trip to Bristol and even though I have since passed under it hundreds of times I still look up to take it in! Visitors can stroll across the bridge for free, however if you are interested in seeing more than tours are available inside the brick vaults (though, alas, not free!).